Hey, folks. Welcome to Ranter Works!

This is where I, Fábio Fontes, have connected various of my works, from comics, my DeviantART gallery, etc. So, in a way, one could see this as an online portfolio of sorts. I’ll also showcase projects I’m involved in, and every now and then just ramble about whatever.

Also, this site may contain strong language here and there, specially on older stuff. With this, you’ve been warned.



You got extra ways to get to me on the right. Yeah, those tiny icons!


Since early 2011, I’ve started to do work (mostly) for board games and card games. Such includes:

  • Illustrations
  • Logotypes
  • Pixel Art
  • Card Layouts and icons
  • Below are some of the projects I’ve been involved in:

    For Level 99 Games:

  • BattleCON Series
  • Minigame Library Series
  • Pixel Tactics Series
  • 7 Card Slugfest
  • Disc Duelers
  • Sellswords
  • For Munji Studios:

  • Alchemist Academy
  • For Endymion Games:

  • Paper Toss
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