Last Stand – Survival Space Shooter

This is a simple space shooter I made with Game Maker 8 (thus PC-only) after I learned some programming basics, about a year ago. Goal’s pretty simple, as the name implies you just endure as long as you can, reaching for the highest possible score. Not all that sophisticated (only 3 enemy types and no power-ups), and certainly not the hardest game out there, but should prove to be a fair challenge to some, as well as a decent passtime.


Some screenshots:

I have no plans to work further on this, but regardless, feel free to leave any feedback if you wish. Any complaints regarding the drills will be ignored, though (you’ll get it once you play it). Happy gaming!

2 Responses to Last Stand – Survival Space Shooter

  1. MyFutprint says:

    Very impressive! I’m personally not familiar with Game maker 8 but I do know the new indie market that has popped up from the days of the console projects–ala Playstations indie dev kid initiative to the new Unity program code for mobile.

    Always a cool thing to see artists who can alter their disciplines.

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