About “us”

Hey, folks. Welcome to “Ranter Works”, a website where I, Fábio Fontes, will be running webcomics, as well as displaying links to other stuff, like my DeviantArt gallery. So, yeah, you can consider this a cross-breed between a webcomic site, as well as an online portfolio of some sort.

Also, this website contains offensive language, mild gore, and many other not-so family-friendly content. With this, you’ve been warned.

Below you’ll find an overview of what can you find on this website:


WEBCOMICS: (this is where you can view any webcomics I make, hosted on Smack Jeeves)
– Fontes’ Rants (gag strips with me ranting about everything that comes to my mind)

OTHER STUFF: (where you’ll be able to see other stuff run by me, which do not belong in the webcomics’ section)
– My DeviantArt (my art gallery hosted on DeviantArt, where you can also find info on how to ask me for a commission, if you’d ever like one)

RANDOM INFO: (the typical section where you can view the F.A.Q., or get my email for contact, etc.)
– About us (the section you’re reading, right now)
– F.A.Q. (stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. If you wish to ask me something, take a look at this, to see if it hasn’t been answered yet)
– Contact me (if you want to send me an email, click here)

CUTE LINKS: (links to other websites to which I have little or no relation with. Call it an affiliates section)


I think that covers it, for now. Should I find the need, and I’ll be adding new stuff in here from time to time.

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