Frequently Asked Questions

Below there’s a list of questions which people might frequently ask. If you wanna ask me something, make sure it isn’t already listed here.

Q: How many people are working on this website?

A:  Currently, just me. Unless you count the guys who work on WordPress, Smack Jeeves, and Deviantart.

Q: Why don’t you get a domain name, and your own server to host everything?

A: Regarding the domain, I’ll do it eventually, a.k.a. once I get the money for it (yes, I’m THAT bad, when it comes to cash… ^^; ). Regarding the server, I dunno. Things work just fine the way they are, and I do have reasons to host my works on places like Smack Jeeves and Deviantart. One of them is the fact that they got a wide community, meaning I can get extra views from there.

Q: Didn’t you had another webcomic website?

A: Yes, I was part of another site called “Legendary Comics”, as the artist. I was part of it until early December of 2009. I left due to personal reasons, and after that, I decided to run a website of my own. My turf, my rules, so to say… ^^

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: Since I was 13/14 years old, if I remember correctly. Before that, I used to make play-doh figures. Really brings back memories… I should get back to that, and make a few, just for fun. ^^

Q: What tools do you use to make your stuff?

A: Software-wise, I use Open Canvas 4 to draw, and for the pixel-art pieces (as well as some pixel-art elements), I like to use Character Raiser 1999, a rather old (DUH!) and unbelievably unknown spriting program. As for hardware, I got a PC with Windows XP (will probably get Windows 7, later), and a wacom A6 bamboo tablet.

Q: How often do you update, and why don’t you update more often?

A: This will sound awkward, but I don’t have a fixed updating squedule. At all. I do it when I got something new to show up. HOWEVER, don’t think it’s as inconsistent as it looks. I’ll be making an average of one strip per week, so if you come by every once in a week, you’ll have something new to read. This without counting my DeviantArt gallery, which usually updates once or twice a week.

Also, the reason why I don’t update more often is pretty simple: I am not getting payed for this, and so, I am in no condition to give to this the same amount of attention and dedication I’d give, should this be my full-time job. It’d be a dream come true, if I could make a living outta this, but again, that’s not how things are. So, sorry, but either those ads’ values start going sky-high, or things will stay the way they are.

Q: Can I use an image of yours to make an avatar/forum signature/banner/whatever?

A: Why, of course! Why wouldn’t I let ya? As long as you don’t claim the artwork as yours… Otherwise, I’ll throw a sink at you!

Q: Could you make a rant about [insert subject here]?

A: I’m always open for sugestions, and I do give credit if a rant was made based on someone else’s idea. I won’t guarantee that I’ll make a rant based on your idea, since I have to share the same opinion as well. But should I use your idea, I’ll not only give you credit, but I’ll also let you know in advance, ok?

Q: Can I help you out?

A: Well, though I won’t be accepting anyone as staff members (at least for the time being), there ARE a few things you can to to help the site grow:

  • Spread the word. Know someone who might like the website as well? Show it to them!The more, the merrier!!!
  • Report any flaws. Found a problem with the website? A random glitch, or simply something that you think that might work better? I’m still knew to this website-making stuff, so glitches and design issues are bound to happen. Should you find any of these, just send me an email.
  • Leave a comment. You can have a ton of people visiting your website, but if no one leaves a comment, it’s nearly as good as nothing. Better that having a bunch of viewers is to have an actual community, and having comments on your website already encourages other people into leaving a comment of their own, and so on.
  • Donate. No, I won’t be forcing anyone to do this, but I’ll be really apreciated if anyone decides to donate something. Having a “Donator” or “Premium” status on Smack Jeeves (the service I use to host my comics) would be awesome, and keeping my subscription at Deviantart would be cool. If you don’t feel like giving me money just for the hell of it, you can always ask me for a commission.
  • Vote for us! You can find small banners on a lil’ collumn to the right of the rants’ page. Those have to do with webcomic rankings we’re in. Vote to help up climb the rankings, and thus increasing the chance of getting more readers!


That’s it. Should there be a certain question that I feel like it should belong there, I’ll add it.

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