New page!

New page added. Check it out by clicking here, or by going to the archive itself. Your pick.

On another news, I had my karate exam this morning. I spent this last week training, and that’s mainly why this page took a lil’ too long. But I got my green belt back, so I’m happy. Might as well explain that one, huh?

Simple. I used to practice Shotokan Karate when I was a kid, but eventually I had to drop off. 10 or so years later I managed to get back, but due to my huge absense, I had to go back to white belt (I went as far as blue [5th Kyu]). However, since I’m returning, and not actually starting from scratch, they allowed me to jump a few belts, up to green (6th Kyu). Now let’s hope I manage to get that blue belt back as well, next time. \m/ Ò_Ó

Well, that’s all for this time. Comic update, and something on my personal life I felt like sharing. Hey, I’m happy, what’d you expect?! XD

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