A crapload of news!

And hey there! Today I got quite a bunch of stuff to talk about!

First, the typical page update. Check it out by clicking here. Also, you might find the Rants’ website layout a bit different. Yup, I moved the voting banners to a lil’ collumn to the right. I think they’re a lot easier to spot, that way. Gotta lure the people into voting on those, don’t ya think?! XD

Now, for something I already mentioned last week. In two days from now, I’m gonna be present at Iberanime, an anime event which’ll be held in Lisbon (Portugal), during the 13th and 14th of this month. I’ll be there on both days, on a lil’ stand of mine. I’ll be selling quick drawings under request, at a price of 2€50 + 1€ for each extra character anyone might ask. I’ll give focus to drawing manga portraits of my customers, though I’ll be pretty much open for anything.

I’ll also be taking care of the event’s “manga drawing workshop”. Consider it my way to pay for the stand… SO! In case you didn’t know, and you signed up for that, you got to know who your teacher will be! XD

Finding my stand will be a rather easy task, but still, allow me to show you a few pics of the sign I’m gonna have put up at it’s entrance:

… like HELL anyone will be having trouble finding it! XD

AND ANOTHER THING!!! It seems like Final Fantasy XIII has been causing quite a bunch of controversy, around. Just ask the guys at Edge! XD

And that’s all for today. Enjoy the new page, feel free to comment and vote, and if you’re gonna be at Iberanime, see ya there! ^^

One Response to A crapload of news!

  1. yosuaalvin says:

    nice banner
    i hope there is more event held by ranker words
    how about my blog
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    i hope you like it

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