Making a clown outta myself…

And hello, once more! New page, you know the drill. If you don’t, click here.

Also, here’s a little souvenir from Iberanime. There was this special contest, in which we were supposed to perform the famous “Kamehameha” attack, from the Dragonball anime series. I signed up for it, but due to having a stand, as well as the workshop, and whatnot, I felt like resigning the contest. However, they “forgot” to take me outta the list. No need to say that I was quite susprised, when I got to hear my name, when they were calling everyone to the stage. So, I thought “what the hell!”, and decided to fuck around with it all. As a result:

… I know, the Shoryuken came out a little wonky. -_-

Anyway, seeya next time!

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