Some technical problems…

Hey there. I’m sorry to disapoint you guys, but I ain’t updating this time. And the next page will have to wait a couple of days, more or less. Why? Simple:

Yesterday in karate, my opponent happened to hit me right on my right middle-finger with a sidekick. As a result, it’s swollen to the point that I can barely move it, and holding a pencil (or my tablet’s pen, on this case) properly is becoming quite a bit of a challenge. So, I’ll just be dunking this on ice for a couple of days. And yes… I’m typing with just one hand. It sucks. -_-

So, remember, kids… when fighting someone… keep those fists clenched tight. XD

In the meantime, here’s another pic of my friend’s Gundam models:

… why does he have a roll of toilet paper next to his PC, I have NO idea…

Anyway, this shouldn’t take too long. 😛

7 Responses to Some technical problems…

  1. DMAD says:

    here s a middle finger for u to .|. xD

  2. Shadesworth says:

    *right model* you called sir

    *left model* not now! cant you see i’m taking a crap!

    desculpa nao consegui resistir

  3. eu says:

    Because… The internet is for porn! XD

    Get it X-rayed! :\

  4. Hana says:

    rotfl, he know where to hit.

    and we all know what that toilet paper is for, né. 😡

    *bursts laughing*

  5. aruka says:

    looks painful

    • Fontes says:

      At the hospital, they told me that it’d be ok after dunking it on ice for a week…

      … yeah, right. I had to spend 2 months on therapy for this shit, and it’s marked for the rest of my life. -_-

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