WOW! New rant uploaded already? Well, let’s say that I caught both some free time, and a lil’ inspiration. I guess that the fact that I had so many people tellin’ me they liked the previous one, that I found the inspiration for the next. Anyway, click HERE to check it out!

Also, here’s something that surprised me. The guys at Smackjeeves, where I got the rants hosted, have placed ’em on their Comic Spotlight, right after the previous rant was uploaded!Of course, that has brought a bunch of new readers, and lemme welcome you all to Ranter Works! Of course, most of ’em will most probably ignore the main blog, and check out the comic more… I really need something to lure people in here a bit more. XD

SO! That’ll be all, for today. Seeya next time, which shouldn’t take that long! ^^

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