Battle CON

Greetings. No, not a comic update, too soon for that. instead, I’m here to talk about a project I’ve been involved with, recently. I’m gonna be copy-pasting a piece of text that gives a brief summary of what’s this all about, so be sure to keep reading.

Battle Connection (or BattleCON, for short)was envisioned as an adaptation of 2D console fighting games to the board game world. We designed the game to have fast play, great variety, and characters that grow and deepen the more you play with them and the more you know about your opponents. It’s great for small groups of friends who want a competitive game that can be continually mastered and re-mastered, but don’t want to pay the continuous high cost of CCGs (Collectible Card Game) or LCGs (Living Card Game).

Every character is a complete set, and there’s no way to buy more cards for additional power like with collectible games. This means that there are no chase cards, no impossible-to-find rares, and no required buy-ins to stay competitive. While we do plan to expand BattleCON, there will never be blind buys or random packs. The game grows as you want it to, and keeps pace with you, rather than forcing you to keep to its pace.

There’s a free version of the game that you can try on our website, without donating anything! Try it and make the informed decision about backing BattleCON!

The free game features four different characters from the full version, and the most basic play mode. The full game will feature 12 characters and over 5 different modes of play, including 2v2, Tag Team, 1v3 “Boss Mode”, and Tournament!

With BattleCON, we would like to create a platform with a very low barrier of entry for webmanga, independent comic, and indie game characters to appear as playable characters within the game. This gives promotional opportunity to the authors and artists who create these characters, and also gives the BattleCON community the opportunity to meet new universes that they otherwise might not have discovered. You can see a few of these characters in the kickstarter exclusive promotions.

We would like to expand BattleCON in the future with additional characters and game rules. These expansions are not randomized–so you can pick up the specific characters that you are interested in. Usually, they’ll come in complete boxes like the base game.

So, yeah… from what I’ve got to see, it’s a pretty interesting concept. If you want more information on actually HOW TO PLAY, just follow the link below:

Battle CON Tutorial: Hikaru and Khadarth

However, the game is still in need of funding. For that, Level 99 (the people working on this) has created a Kickstarter program. For those who don’t know, imagine a mixture between a fund-raiser with a pre-order. You can check out this Kickstarter program in HERE, and if you feel interested on it, be sure to back it up. Info on the bonuses for those who pledge can be found on the right of that page.

And that’ll be all for today. Next time it shall be a comic update, so stay tuned! ^^

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