NOIR: Killer VS Inspector

Hey, everybody! Does any of you have an iPad? If ya do, check out [NOIR: Killer VS. Inspector], a simple card game developed by [Level 99 Games], and featuring artwork done by me.

It basically consists on a 2-player game that takes place in a 5×5 cell area, each cell having a card of a certain character. Each player is hidden on one of ’em. The goal is pretty simple: find your opponent before he finds you! A pretty simple game, but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing, right?

The game is die to come out in early June, so for anyone interested, keep an eye opened on [Level 99 Games], or wait till I post something else in here, which I certainly will.

PS: Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are thinking… “But don’t you hate the iPad? Then why did you work on a game for it, you damn hypocrite?!”

I do hate the thing, as well as pretty much any tablet PC. They’re useless, if ya ask me… but work’s work, and I’m in need for it. XD


One Response to NOIR: Killer VS Inspector

  1. DMAD says:

    honestly you can hate ipad, doesnt mean you have to hate the game
    ps- its very nice to see that you are starting to kick ass in this industry

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