NOIR: Killer VS Inspector

Hey, everybody! Does any of you have an iPad? If ya do, check out [NOIR: Killer VS. Inspector], a simple card game developed by [Level 99 Games], and featuring artwork done by me.

It basically consists on a 2-player game that takes place in a 5×5 cell area, each cell having a card of a certain character. Each player is hidden on one of ’em. The goal is pretty simple: find your opponent before he finds you! A pretty simple game, but that ain’t necessarily a bad thing, right?

The game is die to come out in early June, so for anyone interested, keep an eye opened on [Level 99 Games], or wait till I post something else in here, which I certainly will.

PS: Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you are thinking… “But don’t you hate the iPad? Then why did you work on a game for it, you damn hypocrite?!”

I do hate the thing, as well as pretty much any tablet PC. They’re useless, if ya ask me… but work’s work, and I’m in need for it. XD

2 Responses to NOIR: Killer VS Inspector

  1. DMAD says:

    honestly you can hate ipad, doesnt mean you have to hate the game
    ps- its very nice to see that you are starting to kick ass in this industry

  2. Marcia1979 says:

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