Project “Last Stand” dev footage

Oy there, everybody. Today I got something different to show you.

Some of ya already know of the comic series that I’m working on… but let’s be fair, unless I want my head to blow up out of stress, I’d better get something else to entertain me every now and then.

And so… I thought of picking up Game Maker, and now that I’ve been learning some C programming, see if I could better understand how to work with that thing…

And thus Project “Last Stand” was born. Keep in mind, I won’t be going too far, on this. It’ll be just your average survival-like space shooter. The goal is to hold it for as long as you can, and one hit, and you’re dead. pretty standard stuff, but fun, nonetheless. On my opinion, at least.

But for now, this’ll get suspended till I get the first issue of Mark.PTO done.

Seeya next time, everybody! ^^

2 Responses to Project “Last Stand” dev footage

  1. K. Jak says:

    Mm, might be good.

  2. axel2584 says:

    Music kicks ass, it’s in the form of Gradius, and I NEED TO PLAY THIS!

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