Lots’a stuff!!! (2nd year, New rant, and more!)


That’s right! It’s December 21st, and Ranter Works is now 2 years old! Much like the previous year, the main blog here is still a lil’ deserted, but things are going a lot better than that on the webcomic and around my DeviantART account. To the point of receiving lots of praise for stuff that I don’t really understand WHY am I getting praised for… but still, having people following my stuff’s always good, right?

So, much like I did last year, I thank everyone for followin’ me, either on Fontes’ Rants, DeviantART, or here. Thank you, guys!

Now, to things that’ll surely be more of your interest:

After a while without updating, here’s a new strip. Click HERE to check it out, share it around, and hope you like it, as always.

And for those who enjoyed the first edition of Bargain Bin, by my friend Maverick, the second one’s been released. Click the title card below to see it. Just be warned… the urge for facepalming shall be immense, as Maverick and Wraith review “The Prisioner of Zenda”!

And last, but not least… As I said, there are people following me on the webcomic, on DeviantART… but what about having a common place for everyone to go and talk about whatever they may feel like?

That’s why Ranter Works now has a forum! Click the image above to check it out, and I hope to find you there!

Whew… that was quite a bunch of stuff, now, wasn’t it? There’s still more to come till the end of the year, but let’s keep it like this, for now. Seeya next time, and looking forward to see any of ye in the forum! ^^

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