MegaUpload Conspiracy FAIL!

With MegaUpload being shut down, it’s not a surprise some people (ok, a lot of people) would freak out. And of course, conspiracy theories coming from people like this guy:

Go on, watch that thing for a few minutes. I’ll wait…

… done? Good. Now, pause that video, and while looking at that Mike dude’s face, repeat after me:


Let’s get one thing straight, here: if they REALLY wanted to arrest everyone, they wouldn’t need to close MegaUpload. All they had to do was to ask each and every ISP in the US (if not the entire world) records of downloads from those sharing services. Like this, they’d be able to get not only MegaUpload records, but also Rapidshare, Filestube, TORRENT DOWNLOADS… you name it.

For those who don’t know, your ISP is able to keep track of EVERYTHING you do. So, if they really wanted to arrest 25% of all internet users (like that guy said), they would’ve done so already.

But Mike’s right about one thing: companies want customers and profit. Which is why they wanna put 25% of the internet population in jail, so they can’t buy anything? *facepalm* If their potential customers are in jail, who are they gonna sell their products to? To the giraffes in Kenya?! Gimme a break!

“So, I won’t go to jail for downloading copyrighted content?”

I didn’t say that, you still better watch your ass. But they’re not after those who download a movie every now and then. They’re after the ones who PROVIDE the material. They’re after the source of the stream, not the end of it. And it seems like the guys from MegaUpload were providing copyrighted content of their own, so no… this is not a sample of what SOPA will (or would) be. They had it coming.

Hell, the MegaUpload owner, Kim “Dotcom”, barricated himself at home when the cops came in. Does that look like the behaviour of someone innocent, to you?

And that’ll be it, for now. Share your thoughts below if you’d like, and seeya next time!

PS: Decided to enrich this a tad more by providing a source. You can look it up online for more details yourself.

2 Responses to MegaUpload Conspiracy FAIL!

  1. Bob Wilde says:

    “All they had to do was to ask each and every ISP in the US (if not the entire world) records of downloads from those sharing services.”

    They can ask. But if the ISP’s says no, they have no legal right to obtain this information. Certain European and Asian countries have laws that the ISPs must cooperate with the government but in the US does not. In fact, the ISPs do not want to handle over this information not because they might lose customers but because they could be seen as an accessory to the crime.

    Secondly there are some countries who do not and will not help the US with any copyright or internet crimes, so companies who have their infringing files solely on Chinese and Russian servers can block the Fed’s advances.

    “But they’re not after those who download a movie every now and then. They’re after the ones who PROVIDE the material. They’re after the source of the stream, not the end of it.”

    This is fallacy. While the Feds are more likely to go after the bigger targets, it doesn’t mean that those who benefited from the theft are legally free of the law. Otherwise, there would no such law of “theft by receiving.” A law that says if someone steals something and sells or gives it away for free to someone else. The buyer or receiver (if given to you free) is legally in the wrong because they knowingly accepted stolen goods.

    So if we use the same logic, anyone who knowingly downloads a copyright infringement file could be charged with the crime of “theft by receiving.” Cause everybody knows that Mega Upload is not an approve distributor for movies, musics, software, and other copyright goods.

    As of this moment, DCMA protects online file sharers who do not charge to view infringing files. However, if Kim Dotcom is somehow convicted than it could set up a case for Mega Uploaders ,no matter how small, to be charged with ‘theft by receiving.” The MegaUpload conviction would also be used for the Fed or Content Companies to take down Flickr, Youtube, Anime video sharing sites, manga viewer sites, Photobucket, and other media file sharing sites. This is why some many people are freaking out over the shutdown of MegaUpload as it could be the death of “Cloud” media.

    The only conspiracy with Mega Upload is that it was chosen because its A) owned by a foreigner B) Kim Dotcom wasd a former hacker C) is the most successful file sharing company that isn’t owned by Google D) Doesn’t have the money or legal force as Google does. Beyond those facts, all the other conspiracy theories are just plain rubbish.

    • Fontes says:

      All of what you said is true, no arguments against it.

      Though, let’s take drugs as an example. We all know how useless it is to arrest those who consume them. The key is to go at the root of the problem. The dealers.

      Same happens with piracy. Even if the downloaders ARE technically doing something illegal, what good does it do to arrest THEM, when it’s a lot more productive to “cut the evil by it’s roots”, as we say here in Portugal?

      And yes, ISPs are obviously worried about losing customers… but if the FBI rubs a warrant in their faces DEMANDING for user information, there’s not much they can do, eh?

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