Level 99 releases! (BattleCON, Infinity Dungeon, etc.)

Here are some news from Level 99 Games!

FINALLY!!! Not only for being part of it (as one of the illustrators), but as someone who really enjoyed what I played of it so far, I’ve been waiting for the release of BattleCON, a card-based fighting game that is most certainly more than meets the eye. Easy to learn, but with quite some depth, if you like fighting games and board games, this is something you should REALLY take a look at!

Click here to check it out, and if you like it, don’t forget to spread it around!

Here’s a funny one. What if the creators of Dungeons & Dragons made their game after watching a MacGuyver marathon?

Hell if I know, but meet Infinity Dungeon, a table-top RPG that’s just as wacky as it could get. Pick your character out of a wide selection (from an Elf to a friggin’ Park Ranger… and let’s not forget the Railroad Conductor) and make your way out of a perilous dungeon HOWEVER you can. Use your inventory in any way you see fit, and hope for the best!

Click here to visit this product’s page!


And here’s a lil’ bonus for anyone who’s planning to get BattleCON: Character stand-ups heavily inspired on 2D Tactics-like RPGs.

For those wondering how those’ll look, here’s a preview, courtesy of Brad himself (BattleCON’s creator).

And… that will be it, for now. Seeya next time, everybody! ^^

PS: Made a blog page dedicated to any BattleCON downloads I may do, such as those standups. Click HERE to access it, or check the menu up there.

One Response to Level 99 releases! (BattleCON, Infinity Dungeon, etc.)

  1. Lisa says:

    This is a neat summray. Thanks for sharing!

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