Capcom’s sales going down?

Seems like it. Last year, Capcom faced a considerable drop on their sales. 29%, to be exact. For more info, just check out the two links I’m sharing, below:

On Joystick
On BeefJack

Now… to those who follow the webcomic, you already know my current stand on Capcom. BUT… I’ll leave this video for your own enjoyment. I find it quite fitting for this post:

Their singing could be better, I know… but it’s the intention that counts. Seeya next time! ^^

3 Responses to Capcom’s sales going down?

  1. K. J. says:

    Bigger drop than the previous year. I wonder why…

    • Fontes says:

      Me too. I’m ABSOLUTELY sure it has NOTHING to do with the way they’ve been treating Megaman, or other franchises…

      Nope… nothing to do at all…

  2. Schmuck Man says:

    Dear Capcom, Please take the hint.

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