BattleCON goin’ digital!

Got something that runs on iOS? An iPad, an iPhone, an iThinkappleneedstocomeupwithbetternamesfortheirshit… whatever. If you’re interested in BattleCON, you really should take a look at this baby right here:

Quoting Brad:

“BattleCON is a fast paced head to head card game based on the mechancis of a 2d fighting game. It’s easy to learn but has deep strategies and tactics.

Learn more at

The BattleCON iOS app runs on iPads, iPhones, and iPods. The iPad version is shown here. The frame rate is choked to 10 fps for this demo (recorded on a desktop), but the final version of the game runs smoothly on iDevices.

The game supports online play via game center, and is planned to have solo play vs. an AI.

We’re expecting to release it sometime in April! Keep checking back for updates!”

So, yep… a card battling videogame of a physical card game based on fighting videogames… *mindblown*

… and I’d better get outta here before I start puking out “Yo dawg, I herd” jokes. Seeya next time! ^^

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