The Avengers – Review

Watched it today, and… Honestly?


That’s all the reviewing you’ll need! If you haven’t seen the movie already, get that big fat ass of yours off your chair, shut off that computer, and GO TO THE FRIGGIN’ THEATER!

That’ll be all. Seeya next time! ^^


3 Responses to The Avengers – Review

  1. Ana Sardinha says:

    Fuuuu! Who are you to say I have a big fat ass!? 0.o
    Another marvel comic based movie. Yay…. -.- Pass…

  2. Danone says:

    A sério que eles finalmente acertaram na fórmula de adaptação?
    Stop the fucking presses…

  3. k. jacky says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Avengers movie. Not the biggest Joss Whedon fan, but REALLY want to watch the Avengers movie.

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