Circle Pad Pro mod – uncovered cart slot

Quoting what I’ve put on the youtube commentary:

A lil’ something I did to the circle pad pro I got for my 3DS. True, the acessory comes with it’s issues, but I plan on fixing most of them, starting with the blocked cartridge slot. Because I love my 3DS that much. True, it’s not pretty, but it’s functional. I may cover up that hole it left on the bottom end later.

This mod is pretty safe and easy to do, since there’s no wiring on the area that’s been carved off. All you need is:

– a tri-wing screwdriver so you won’t accidentally damage the bottom part, as it doesn’t interfere with the cartrige slot;
– a moderately strong nipper to take out the bigger chunks of plastic. Make sure you take less than what you need for the cartridge to fit!
– an x-acto knife to carve off the remaining plastic;
– and some sandpaper to make it smooth. The grain’s up to you.

Took me around an hour and a half with those tools, and I’m sure you can get more apropriate equipment for this.

And if you hurt yourself (by cutting your fingers or somethin’) don’t blame it on me!

2 Responses to Circle Pad Pro mod – uncovered cart slot

  1. New shimano reels coming out

    Circle Pad Pro mod – uncovered cart slot | Ranter Works

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