Minecraft Downloads

This is where you’ll be finding some downloads made by me for the popular indie game Minecraft.

For now I only have character skins, but who knows what I might add in the future. For a full preview of the skins, you can upload them to this previewer and editor.


Takeshi (From Fontes’ Rants)

(Use “Save as”)

Mark (From Mark.PTO)

(Use “Save as”)


Megaman/Rockman (From the Megaman/Rockman franchise)

(Use “Save as”)

Protoman/Blues (no shield) (From the Megaman/Rockman franchise)

(Use “Save as”)

Roll (From the Megaman/Rockman franchise)

(Use “Save as”)

If there’s a particular skin you’d like to see made, I can do it as a commission. Other than that, I might create polls on my DeviantART page, asking for what skin would the people like to see next.

One Response to Minecraft Downloads

  1. K. Jak says:

    The Roll skin is cute.

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