What I’ve been doing, a.k.a. Corriculum

Someone told me I needed one of these. He sounded a lil’ tipsy, but who knows, sometimes drunk people are right. Jokes aside, this is a list of non-personal projects I’ve worked on. Doesn’t include EVERYTHING I’ve done, obviously, just what I personally consider to be the most relevant.

Also, this is only for stuff that is RELEASED. No point mentioning something that you can’t check out yourself, now, is there?

For Level 99 Games:
– BattleCON Series
– Minigame Library Series
– Pixel Tactics Series
– 7 Card Slugfest
– Disc Duelers
– Sellswords

For Munji Studios:
– Alchemist Academy

For Endymion Games:
– Paper Toss

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