Hello there! Welcome to this lil’ space of mine, called “Ranter Works”. In here, you’ll be able to see stuff like webcomics taking the main attention, with some other things showing up as well. I had intentions of opening this to the public only in January, but you know what? Fuck it! The site’s working fine, so why the living hell should I be waitin’?!

For now, all I got to display is my “Rants”, as well as a link to my deviantart gallery. As time goes on, this place’ll be growing, and so, I’ll hopefully have more stuff for you to enjoy. Still, I sure hope you like what I’m doing here. If not… well, tough luck.

Anyway… You’ll be able to find pretty much anything you’ll want to know on that cute lil’ sidebar to the right, more precisely on the “Random Info” section. If by any chance you’d like to know more, you can always send me an email, or somethin’.

So, to whoever decides to stick around, welcome, as well as thank you for joining! ^^

One Response to LAUNCH!!!

  1. wapy says:

    Uh lala, it lives!

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