Gundam Mischief

Yesterday I was hangin’ on my friend’s house, and I decided to mess around with his Gundam plastic models. The results were rather… interesting, to say the least. Not much to show, but good enough for a laugh, I guess. And yes, these were taken with a cellphone. Not bad for a cell, though, if you ask me.

Mecha couple

… it’ll be one noisy honeymoon, that much I can tell you.

And what do you get when you have a gundam model and a box of tissues near you?

Baddass tissue

Why, a totally badass caped mecha, of course! I only wish that tissue was red… XD

… wait a second…

Baddass tissue REDUX

THERE! Doesn’t that look a lot better?! XD

2 Responses to Gundam Mischief

  1. rk says:

    looks like something out of gurren lagann XD

  2. wapy says:

    True story, I sense some Gurren Laggannes over there :3

    And some lady gundam is acting like a 13-year-old XD

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