Alteisen 1/100 show-off… I mean, review!

April 23, 2012

Here’s one I’ve been hoping to obtain for a good while. Unfortunately, not everyone has their pockets filled with gold, so I had to wait a good while. I’m talking about the BEAST that is… Kotobukiya’s 1/100 Alteisen.

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Egypcian Display

July 10, 2011

Because my town has plenty of stupid shit, here’s a display of a paint store:

Hire a display decorator… NOW!

Doraemon Cosplaying as… everyone?

June 25, 2011

Nope, no comic updates, this time. However, I got something that while it might not be my work, it’s something that might be of interest to some of ya.

Do you know of the anime Doraemon? If you don’t, look it up! What am I, your father?!

Anyway… for those who do, here are some funny pictures from [PANDABOX] featuring Doraemon dressed as pretty much anyone and everyone.

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“Mark Portrait Speed Paint” replay

May 21, 2011

Yup, made another one of those replay videos. Check it out below:

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Bicycle parking fail

May 13, 2011

Someone forgot to install the racks.

Photo taken in Torres Vedras (Portugal), by yours truly.

Gundam Mischief – SD Unicorn

March 21, 2011

Remember the posts I made with pictures of my friend Gabriel’s Gundam plastic kits? Well, I’ve gotten a few myself, now, so I might as well start doing that sorta thing with my own material. However, this time I’ll be showcasing an SD kit I’ve purchased, recently. The RX-0 Gundam Unicorn.

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The iPad, ladies and gentlemen…

January 27, 2010

Apple has just released info on their new chunk of plastic (or whatever that thing’s made of), the iPad. It’s basically a large iTouch.

Here’s some of the info revealed about that thing:

  • 1Ghz processor
  • No USB ports
  • No multi-tasking (WHAT THE FUCK?!)
  • Hard-drive space ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB… yipee…
  • Not compatible with “flash”…

Now you must be wondering how much will this tech marvel cost! Well, allow uncle Fontes to enlighten you up!

WOW!!! I’ll only have to pay five-hundred bucks or more for something as marvellous as this?! This is wonderful! Apple has surely exceeded themselves, this time!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, lemme show you what can you ALSO get for the same price as that thing:

  • An Asus “eee PC” (or just about any Mini-PC out there… you can get one of those for about 400 bucks. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll need to buy a keyboard for your iPad SEPARATELY?!)
  • A wacom bamboo tablet (you can get them for about 50-60 bucks. Unless you’re a dumbass, and think that you can’t do anything with an A6 or A5 tablet…)
  • A PC game (mac users probably don’t know what this is…)

And guess what… I’d probably still have enough cash for a box of doughnuts!!!

… Damn, I’m hungry, now…

Gundam Mischief

January 10, 2010

Yesterday I was hangin’ on my friend’s house, and I decided to mess around with his Gundam plastic models. The results were rather… interesting, to say the least. Not much to show, but good enough for a laugh, I guess. And yes, these were taken with a cellphone. Not bad for a cell, though, if you ask me.

Mecha couple

… it’ll be one noisy honeymoon, that much I can tell you.

And what do you get when you have a gundam model and a box of tissues near you?

Baddass tissue

Why, a totally badass caped mecha, of course! I only wish that tissue was red… XD

… wait a second…

Baddass tissue REDUX

THERE! Doesn’t that look a lot better?! XD