Hey there. In here you’ll be able to find papercraft models made by me, for those who enjoy this sort of thing. If you dunno what papercraft is, click HERE. Most of these models will be related with characters from this site/blog, but I’ll be doing some other stuff, as well. These will also come in various difficulty levels, to make sure that everyone, from novices to experts, will be able to enjoy assembling my models. ^^

As for instructions, each model comes with a version with folding lines and numbered edges, so you can practice before assembline the final, clean version. I’m making these for free, and they’re not THAT complex (compared to some models I’ve seen, at least), so I don’t think that I’m gonna have to bother myself with making step-by-step instructions. HOWEVER, higher-difficulty models WILL include step-by-step instructions. I’m not THAT cruel! XD

Tanooki 1.0

Difficulty: Low




(right click, and “save as”)



Yeah… There’s only one for now. But more will be added in due time, so stay tuned! ^^

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