100th rant! AND 1 year of Ranter Works!

Yup, this is quite the big day! First of all…

NEW RANT! And not just any rant. Today, my friends, I’ve uploaded no other than my 100th comic! As it’s usual with webcomics, the 100th strip symbolizes a huge landmark, and to me, it means no less. So, click HERE to check it out, and I most certainly hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it! ^^

And as if uploading the 100th comic strip wasn’t enough… Today is Ranter Works’ first aniversary!

One year… DAMN, looks like yesterday! While here on the blog it doesn’t look like much has changed, go look at the Rants’ comment section! This place is starting to have a community of it’s own! And to everyone who follows my work and hasn’t left a comment yet: DON’T BE SHY!

Registering, while encouraged, isn’t necessary, so there’s no reason not to drop by and leave a comment! And not just to me! Check out what other visitors had to say for themselves, and if you have anything you might wish to add, go talk to them! One way to keep a website running is by having a strong community, and for that…

HOWEVER… Don’t think the surprises are over! There’s still a lot to come, till the end of the year, so stay tuned, and let’s hope this place lasts for one more year!

Now, if you excuse me… I hope Tanooki has saved some cake for me and Takeshi… unlike that other time I asked him to save me some of those nuts he’s been eating last fall…

2 Responses to 100th rant! AND 1 year of Ranter Works!

  1. Walky says:

    Congrats to ya.

  2. devicomic says:

    gz, congrats, kudos, happy birthday, whatever xD
    parabens, 1 ano, wasn’t it short? 😐

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