Gundam Mischief – SD Unicorn

Remember the posts I made with pictures of my friend Gabriel’s Gundam plastic kits? Well, I’ve gotten a few myself, now, so I might as well start doing that sorta thing with my own material. However, this time I’ll be showcasing an SD kit I’ve purchased, recently. The RX-0 Gundam Unicorn.

Nah, it ain’t painted. And neither I intend to do so. I honestly don’t believe I have what it takes, at least for now, to dedicate myself to painting these things. Also, I don’t think there’s much to paint on the UC (short for Gundam Unicorn). Though, I’ve applied all the stickers that came with the packaging, and those extra details do add quite a lot to the model.

There’s a lil’ something that bugs me, though… in Unicorn mode, the horn can’t close itself completely, leaving the tip separated into it’s v-fin halfs, as you can see by the pictures. It’s not THAT annoying, but it could’ve been avoided.

Who would’ve thought that even as an SD could look badass, huh? But, as any Gundam fan knows, the Unicorn doesn’t stand out for his whiteness alone… So, here are a few screenshots of it in his sexy Destroy Mode.

A lil’ something that some people tend to ask me is how the hell do I apply the stickers, like the golden ones on the v-fin (that antenna of some sort). It’s actually pretty simple. After laying it on the plastic, I use my nail to force the sticker to adopt the form of the plastic underneath, resulting on a pretty good-looking effect, if I’m allowed to say so.

My final thoughts…I find it pretty amazing how they managed to get an SD to be transformable, like this. The arms and legs aren’t transformable, and part of the skirt always shows the psycho-frame, but still, pretty cool stuff. I DO wish they could add some more mobility, which they could (the SD God Gundam and SD Strike Gundam being great examples of SDs with good mobility) EVEN with the transformable parts. But it’s still a great kit, which I had a good time assembling.

Out of the SD’s I’ve obtained  so far, this one has to be my favourite. My SD God Gundam seems to be taking it pretty well…

And my SD Exia…

Yeah… they’ll be getting along just fine, won’t they? Seeya next time! ^^

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