“Who’s the boss?!… beats me…” and Battle CON

Oy, there! New rant uploaded. Click HERE to check it out, and as usual, I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Now, on another note… a while ago, I made a post regarding Battle CON, the card game I’ve been doing some stuff for. I previously said that the game was in need of funding, but that problem is no more, as yesterday, through Kickstarter, Battle CON has now received enough funding to see the light of day! A few months from now, Battle CON will be officially released!

But that doesn’t mean the Kickstarter will end. There’s still time, and if the project reaches $9000, a new character will be included in the game box. And there’s one more surprise in store for everyone who follows Ranter Works… more precisely, for anyone who might be a fan of Takeshi. ^^

So, that’ll be all, for now. I’ll be putting updates on Battle CON as I see fit. Until then, seeya around! ^^

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