“Zip it” and BattleCON updates

Oy, everyone! New rant added to the mix. Click HERE to read it, and as always, hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to leave a comment, or Takeshi might get ya! XD

Now, I’ve lately been talking about BattleCON, the card game that emulates mechanics from 2D fighting games. I’ve also mentioned that the game has reached the necessary funding through it’s Kickstarter program. However, there are good news!

As I previously said, a new character would be added if the funding would meet 9000$ (USD). Not only was that achieved yesterday ( it’s past midnight here, so screw you! XD ), meaning that the new character Cherri will be in the game, but there’s also gonna be ANOTHER character.

It looks like someone donater 1500$, which makes him able to create a character for the game, which will be included in the game box, and it’s the second time this happens! This means that the final released game will be including 15 different characters! 12 from the originally planned box, plus 3 characters that will be added thanks to the efforts of everyone who has donated to the project!

As for my own thoughts on the game: after playing the downloadable demo, I pretty much have only good things to say about it! It’s fun, and not as hard to learn as it may seem in the beggining. I’ll eventually post a full review, but that’ll be for some other day.

That’ll be all for today. Seeya next time, everyone! ^^

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