“Posing for dummies” and BattleCON

Oy there! New rant uploaded. As usual, check it out [HERE], or by clicking that banner to the right. Enjoy! ^^

[BattleCON’s] [Kickstarter campaign] has ended, and out of a 6000 dollars goal, the project reached a funding of 15325 dollars! I’d say that’s a big success for an indie game that’s still to be launched! Due to the bonus funding, extra content will make it to the box, including 6 extra characters, one of them illustrated by yours truly!

Said character happens to be Luc Von Gott, which has all the info you’ll need in [HERE]. Also, the card artwork can be seen in [HERE], for those who wish to see the whole thing.

Well, that’ll be it, for now. Seeya next time! ^^

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