Doraemon Cosplaying as… everyone?

Nope, no comic updates, this time. However, I got something that while it might not be my work, it’s something that might be of interest to some of ya.

Do you know of the anime Doraemon? If you don’t, look it up! What am I, your father?!

Anyway… for those who do, here are some funny pictures from [PANDABOX] featuring Doraemon dressed as pretty much anyone and everyone.

And that’s it… for now. If you liked those, and would like to see more, just check out [Pandabox], as I’ve previously mentioned.

Source: [designeRoof]

5 Responses to Doraemon Cosplaying as… everyone?

  1. arukafox says:

    nao consigo ver as fotos D: n aparecem

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