Sketch Commissions

After being closed for a while, I’ve decided to re-open my art commissions service to the public for sketches. So, about that:


Samples may be edited periodically, some already being work done for people. These are done on A6 paper (around 145x105mm).

Note that I have nearly no theme restrictions. From mascots to mecha, from knights in shiny armors to bowls of oatmeal, it doesn’t matter. I may still refuse your request (something highly offensive, for example), but when in doubt, asking doesn’t hurt. And no, it doesn’t have to be family-friendly (a.k.a. Safe For Work) for me to accept it.


The average price (payed in advance) for these will be US$15 for a simple one and $30 for colored ones. These prices may be adjusted depending on what you want. Cash is handled through Paypal.

Shipping is available for whoever wants the originals, that being an extra of $8, and I can ship worldwide.

How to contact me:

Basically tell me what you want (being as descriptive from the start will surely help!), I’ll confirm the price, you’ll pay me and I’ll do it.

And that’s it!

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