New Kickstarter – Paper Toss

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OMG! An update!!! I promise, I’ll try to update more frequently, from now on!

So, as we’re aproaching the mythical holiday season, Kickstarter campaigns are in order. And here’s one I’m a part of, Paper Toss, by Endymion Games!


Paper Toss is a pretty simple all-age card game where you play as a newspaper delivery boy, and as you may probably guess, the point is to be the best in the business. Not an easy task, as plenty of obstacles are sure to stand in your way, such as smelly trash cans, smellier dogs, or the even smellier neighbourhood bully! Ever played the good old “Paperboy” videogames, back in the 16-bit era? Did you happen to like ’em? If so, then this game is surely for ye!

So, give it a look, and like I usually say regarding these things, if you can’t back it, at least spread it!

That’ll be it for now, seeya next time!

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