Kickstarter: Pixel Tactics Deluxe

At the time of this post there’s only one week left, and the project is well on it’s stretch goals by now, but still, here goes.


Click the image above to see the Kickstarter page.

This is what can be considered the definitive version of Pixel Tactics, one of Level 99 Games’ most successful games, which has already spawned a fair number of expansions (3 Standalones, 3 mini expansion packs, not to mention what comes with this specific kickstarter).

So, what’s Pixel Tactics about? Well, clicking the link above will give you plenty of info, but here’s a video below of one of the game’s first reviews, from when Pixel Tactics was still a part of Level 99’s Minigame Library:

And that’ll be it. Seeya next time!

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