“The right weapon for the job”

March 4, 2012

Hey, everyone. Bringing this up from the grave, and whatnot. Anyway…

New one FINALLY uploaded. Click the image above to check it out, hope ye like it, and whatnot, and let’s hope I don’t take as much time with the next one, eh? XD

And that’ll be it. Seeya next time! ^^

Capcom’s sales going down?

February 8, 2012

Seems like it. Last year, Capcom faced a considerable drop on their sales. 29%, to be exact. For more info, just check out the two links I’m sharing, below:

On Joystick
On BeefJack

Now… to those who follow the webcomic, you already know my current stand on Capcom. BUT… I’ll leave this video for your own enjoyment. I find it quite fitting for this post:

Their singing could be better, I know… but it’s the intention that counts. Seeya next time! ^^

ACTA: so… you thought SOPA and PIPA were bad?

January 26, 2012

Crap… looks like I’ll have to wait a lil’, before taking out that censor bar outta my eyes. Seems like they keep on finding ways to screw everyone over, huh?

But this time it’s on a global scale, being far worse than SOPA or PIPA. While SOPA and PIPA were mostly about blocking access to websites, ACTA aims to pretty much rape everyone’s privacy, forcing ISPs and any websites to hand over user information. Not just downloads, but also browsing information!

This means that, worst chance, YOU can be arrested just because you accidentally bumped into a site that contains copyright-infriging material! And you know who’ll be controlling all this crap? No, not the government… the fucking media. Yes… just because their heads are too thick to see that fighting piracy brings more harm to them than good (it’s the truth, face it!), they go beyond any and all human rights just to make sure people don’t watch a movie without paying for it first.

And you know what’s worse? This crap has been going by unnoticed while everyone was complaining about SOPA! It’s like they made SOPA just to fool us all!

ANYWAY… what can we do about that? Well, there’s a petition going on, which you can sign by clicking the link below:


And that’s it, for now… let’s hope this crap ends up in the gutter like SOPA and PIPA. All the protests against SOPA worked, so even if some countries have already signed this ACTA bullcrap, we still might be in time!

Seeya next time!

Level 99 releases! (BattleCON, Infinity Dungeon, etc.)

January 24, 2012

Here are some news from Level 99 Games!

FINALLY!!! Not only for being part of it (as one of the illustrators), but as someone who really enjoyed what I played of it so far, I’ve been waiting for the release of BattleCON, a card-based fighting game that is most certainly more than meets the eye. Easy to learn, but with quite some depth, if you like fighting games and board games, this is something you should REALLY take a look at!

Click here to check it out, and if you like it, don’t forget to spread it around!

Here’s a funny one. What if the creators of Dungeons & Dragons made their game after watching a MacGuyver marathon?

Hell if I know, but meet Infinity Dungeon, a table-top RPG that’s just as wacky as it could get. Pick your character out of a wide selection (from an Elf to a friggin’ Park Ranger… and let’s not forget the Railroad Conductor) and make your way out of a perilous dungeon HOWEVER you can. Use your inventory in any way you see fit, and hope for the best!

Click here to visit this product’s page!


And here’s a lil’ bonus for anyone who’s planning to get BattleCON: Character stand-ups heavily inspired on 2D Tactics-like RPGs.

For those wondering how those’ll look, here’s a preview, courtesy of Brad himself (BattleCON’s creator).

And… that will be it, for now. Seeya next time, everybody! ^^

PS: Made a blog page dedicated to any BattleCON downloads I may do, such as those standups. Click HERE to access it, or check the menu up there.

PT only: Petição Anti-Cavaco

January 24, 2012

The following post is exclusively targeted to the portuguese viewers.

Que focinha mai linda, né?

É a fucinha de alguém que, como muitos outros, tem ajudado a que este país batesse no fundo. Não tanto pelo que faz, mas mais pelo que não faz. Um perfeito exemplo de parasitismo.

Ok, ele de facto fez alguma coisa… mandou as nossas pescas prás urtigas há uns anos atrás, arma-se em capitão óbvio nos discursos, e queixa-se que a sua reforma de 5 dígitos não chega prás despesas. Mas adiante…

Veio ao meu conhecimento de uma petição, na qual o objetivo (ou objectivo? Parece que deixei de saber escrever) é a demissão do nosso “querido” atual (ou actual? Ora fodasse…) Presidente da República.

Se algum de vocês têm vontade de ver isto a andar prá frente (ou uma bela falta do que fazer), façam o favor de clicar aqui e assinar. Não se armem em calões, ok? São só 2 minutinhos, não custa nada.

Até mostrava o meu número de assinatura, mas quando fui a ver já cairam mais um porradão delas em cima e perdi-me. Procurem vocês, se quizerem! XD

E posto isto, tenho mais um post a fazer, desta vez prós camones (e não só). Até já!

MegaUpload Conspiracy FAIL!

January 23, 2012

With MegaUpload being shut down, it’s not a surprise some people (ok, a lot of people) would freak out. And of course, conspiracy theories coming from people like this guy:

Go on, watch that thing for a few minutes. I’ll wait…

… done? Good. Now, pause that video, and while looking at that Mike dude’s face, repeat after me:


Let’s get one thing straight, here: if they REALLY wanted to arrest everyone, they wouldn’t need to close MegaUpload. All they had to do was to ask each and every ISP in the US (if not the entire world) records of downloads from those sharing services. Like this, they’d be able to get not only MegaUpload records, but also Rapidshare, Filestube, TORRENT DOWNLOADS… you name it.

For those who don’t know, your ISP is able to keep track of EVERYTHING you do. So, if they really wanted to arrest 25% of all internet users (like that guy said), they would’ve done so already.

But Mike’s right about one thing: companies want customers and profit. Which is why they wanna put 25% of the internet population in jail, so they can’t buy anything? *facepalm* If their potential customers are in jail, who are they gonna sell their products to? To the giraffes in Kenya?! Gimme a break!

“So, I won’t go to jail for downloading copyrighted content?”

I didn’t say that, you still better watch your ass. But they’re not after those who download a movie every now and then. They’re after the ones who PROVIDE the material. They’re after the source of the stream, not the end of it. And it seems like the guys from MegaUpload were providing copyrighted content of their own, so no… this is not a sample of what SOPA will (or would) be. They had it coming.

Hell, the MegaUpload owner, Kim “Dotcom”, barricated himself at home when the cops came in. Does that look like the behaviour of someone innocent, to you?

And that’ll be it, for now. Share your thoughts below if you’d like, and seeya next time!

PS: Decided to enrich this a tad more by providing a source. You can look it up online for more details yourself.

“Booting up the booty”

January 7, 2012

And yup… new rant uploaded. And from now on, click on the image above to check it out. It makes more sense to have things like that.

And that’ll be it. Seeya next time! ^^

“I have a-*NOM*”

December 28, 2011

I said there would be more updates till the end of the year, didn’t I?

New strip uploaded to the webcomic. Click HERE to check it out, hope you like it, share it around… all that cute stuff.

Seeya next time! ^^

Lots’a stuff!!! (2nd year, New rant, and more!)

December 21, 2011


That’s right! It’s December 21st, and Ranter Works is now 2 years old! Much like the previous year, the main blog here is still a lil’ deserted, but things are going a lot better than that on the webcomic and around my DeviantART account. To the point of receiving lots of praise for stuff that I don’t really understand WHY am I getting praised for… but still, having people following my stuff’s always good, right?

So, much like I did last year, I thank everyone for followin’ me, either on Fontes’ Rants, DeviantART, or here. Thank you, guys!

Now, to things that’ll surely be more of your interest:

After a while without updating, here’s a new strip. Click HERE to check it out, share it around, and hope you like it, as always.

And for those who enjoyed the first edition of Bargain Bin, by my friend Maverick, the second one’s been released. Click the title card below to see it. Just be warned… the urge for facepalming shall be immense, as Maverick and Wraith review “The Prisioner of Zenda”!

And last, but not least… As I said, there are people following me on the webcomic, on DeviantART… but what about having a common place for everyone to go and talk about whatever they may feel like?

That’s why Ranter Works now has a forum! Click the image above to check it out, and I hope to find you there!

Whew… that was quite a bunch of stuff, now, wasn’t it? There’s still more to come till the end of the year, but let’s keep it like this, for now. Seeya next time, and looking forward to see any of ye in the forum! ^^

“Last Stand” Nov/2011 footage

November 29, 2011

Remember this one? Well, decided to get back to it, and so, here’s a short video of a revamp I made to the visuals. Still incomplete at that, but enough to get a feel of what it’ll be like, in the end:

Also, here’s some screenshots:

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 3

Will be showing updates on this as I work on it. And yes… gotta get back to the webcomic, I know.

Seeya next time! ^^